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Will e-books take over?

photo by Tina Phillips

So I am writing an e-book, but I didn’t realize how different and untraditional it will be.  My creative writing degree can’t help me with learning how to format my writing into html.  They don’t teach this to creative writing students or at least in the last decade it never became an option. I think that in the next decade we will see that it will be important to have courses in college on this subject.

Cracking the spine of a fresh book will be a thing of the past.  The Kindle, Nook and iPad are taking reading to a different level and I guess trees will be saved because of it.

The world will always need writers, but the world will change the way it reads.  This is where I as a writer must conform and learn how to write for a different generation.  A generation that clings to electronic devices.  I have to learn about self-publishing via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I have to learn how to design e-book covers and formatting the text of my books to be read on these newfangled devices.

So I am welcomed to a new kind of writing; one that I never learned about in obtaining my degree.  In starting my novel, I have learned that there is even writing software to help me organize myself for the writing part of this journey.  I plan to keep a little tradition and do the planning like all other novelists of the past.  I have to keep some things traditional in this world of new gadgets and new ways of publishing.


(photo by Tina Phillips.  To visit her portfolio you may go to the following link:


About Sunshine Mendez

Sunshine Mendez is a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso with a BA in Creative Writing. She enjoys making memories with her two children and working on her family tree. She is passionate about writing and loves to dabble in a game of Boggle or Scrabble.

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  1. I used to be a librarian so you can imagine how much I love books! When I first heard about ereaders I never dreamed that I would want one. So Dad and I were the first to get them and a year later my Mum, sister and partner have all received them for Christmas (this year)!! I would hate to see the demise of books, but ereaders are so very convenient and also the books are so much cheaper as they are quite expensive here in Australia. I can’t see them ever taking the place of picture books for children and reference books though.


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