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Why does one write? Why do I write?

I write because it is a piece of who I am.  I write not to inform, to interject, to appear highly intelligent.  I write because when I first learned to write simple words, I somehow had the talent to put them together to form a kind of art. 

As I child I asked for diaries instead of dolls, I asked for adequate writing tools to my mother’s surprise.  In my teen years, I would escape in the poetry that I would soon deem as meaningless mumble jumble and ended up throwing my words away. 

I finally ended up graduating with my Bachelors in Creative Writing (December 2010).  If I were to get minimum wage just to do this thing that I love, then I would be truly happy!  I have found my true love.

I started this blog because I want to exercise my writing skills and appeal to anyone who would care to read my thoughts.  I didn’t start it for anything more than that.  Even if I never got an audience for my writings, I would still do it because it is as commonplace as the air that I breathe. 

Happy Reading.

Sunshine Faye Mendez


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  1. Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. It seems as though you have some wonderful work here and I can’t wait to check out more! 🙂


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