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Graduating: Why does this feel like a wedding?

I was married once, and boy was that a mistake.  I am not talking about the planning of it, but the marriage itself.  Being married taught me that I never want to go down that dreary road again.  Of course, I’m not downing those who are happily married and where exactly am I going with this?  Well lets see…

I remember the planning that went into a marriage.  I took classes from the church and picked a dress.  I had to register to pick out all the wonderful housewares that were to accompany the corners of my home.  A new life was about to begin.  I was nothing, but a stupid 19-year-old girl.  I look back at my wedding pictures and I wonder if I was truly happy, as I can’t remember ever thinking I was doing the right thing.  I think I married to get out of my parent’s grip.  Don’t get me wrong.  I had wonderful parents, but they should have stopped me from making this mistake.

Another life changing event is here.  I am graduating.  I never graduated from high school; I was the girl who ran for the GED even though I was in my senior year and my mother had the graduation pictures taken.  I am about to embark on a journey.  I finally can be defined as more than someone who did nothing with her life.  I am about to earn my Bachelors degree in Creative Writing, something that I am truly elated about.

I have spent the years having babies, getting a divorce, working menial jobs and trying to somehow fit college into the mix.  This journey started in 1996 and is about to end this December 2010.  Why does this feel like a wedding?

It feels like a wedding because I’m about to change my life.  I am now a 33-year-old woman and feel like a joyful bride as she picks out her outfit that is to be hiding under her gown and am toying with the idea of decorating the mortar board that will go upon my head.  I have ordered the graduation announcements, which cost a pretty penny.  I know I will cry on that special day.  This will be my day.  Not a commitment to another person like that of a wedding, but a commitment to myself and my accomplishments. 

I regret that I married when I did, but I know that no regrets can come of my special day.  My graduation.

Who can be thanked for this special day.  My parents, the two people who have put up with all my mistakes in life and have been my shoulder when life got rough.  I also thank my children, who even in their non-understanding of why I had to put fun days off to complete assignments, they still loved me. 

Here is to my new life.  A life of a graduate!  🙂