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This is a Pain in the Ass!

Sciatica, the paper read as I left the emergency room.  They equipped me with Vicodin and some sort of muscle relaxer and sent me on my merry way.  Seems simple to just lead a life in a drugged out state ignoring my work duties or duties to my family, but that exactly is the problem.  I hate taking pills.  I won’t even take an Aspirin for a headache.  I’m not one of those people who go around looking for herbal cures and detests medical intervention.  No, that isn’t it at all.  I just have this intolerance for medication.  I don’t like feeling all loopy, but most of all I can’t stand the pain that I’m in.

It started one fun Tuesday, I went to a local bar with my boyfriend.  It was karaoke night and I was primed to sing my heart out.  The thing about me is that I drink maybe once a year.  I don’t like the feeling of being drunk, but the fear of going up on stage forced me to take in more alcohol than I am used to drinking.  Well to make a long story short; I walked into this house and was so tipsy to the point that I fell over hard and almost hit my head.  Since that night I have been in so much pain.  My entire left leg is aching and painful.  I can hardly bend down to put on my socks and shoes.  I have spent nights crying. 

Of course, I am reluctant to tell the doctors that this may be the reason for my sciatic issues, the important thing is that they help me to get rid of this pain.  I find the Flexeril (muscle relaxer) makes me feel nauseous and that the Vicodin doesn’t take away my pain completely, it just makes me feel all drugged out.  I have tried the Ibuprofen, which has helped a bit, but I am reluctant to take it as it has to be taken with food and this means it will make my stomach sensitive as well.

The majority of the pain is in my left butt cheek and it runs down behind my knee where it burns severely.  From the knee it radiates down to my ankle.  I have been missing so much work lately, as I’m trying to go for treatments.  I am so glad I could get the MFLA to cover these absences from my job, but soon I will graduate from UTEP.  The problem is that the pain is worse when I sit for long periods of time. 

On December 11, 2010, I will be sitting amongst other graduates waiting for my name to be called.  I hope that by then the pain hasn’t gotten to the point that I’ll need a wheel chair.  I will be earning my BA in Creative Writing and though I could work as a freelance writer from the comfort of my bed, I think the most forseeable route for a career is in an office type setting.  Hopefully whatever I do, I will do it without this pain. 

My mother had this same condition for five years of her life, and somehow she managed to go to work each morning where she works in an office as an accountant.  She ended up having back surgery to cure her condition and often times leading up to her surgery she often cried and stayed in bed.  I feel so bad that I under estimated how much pain she was in at that time in her life.  I never expected much from her when she was suffering, but I never held her and told her that I cared. 

No one knows how debilitating sciatica is until they experienced the pain of it themselves.  I hope that there is life after sciatica; damn it there better be.