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Serenity Interrupted

A breeze rushes through the open window

Mini blinds bang along its glass

Taking in the scent of the desert rain

Listening to it crackle at the pane

Lifting my hair

Feeling the knots within my neck

I’m free

But not ready to expose

What the world won’t see

Is me without my clothes

Sending the blinds crashing as I fumble for the rope

Shutting the world outside with one quick stroke

I let the water gush forth from the corroded rusty metal



At the woman in the mirror

In a fog I watch her disappear

Pulling back the curtain I step inside


Tide is High by Blondie

Can’t get it out of my head




not Repeating

Suds slide gracefully down the crevice of my aching back


Banging at the door

An interruption to my serene world

“Mommy, I got to go potty.”

All is lost in the whimper of a little boy